Cash Pot Winning Numbers

The Supreme Ventures Cash Pot Results in Jamaica draws every day, six times a day. At 8:30am, 10:30am, 1:00pm, 3:00pm, 5:00pm and 8:25pm.

Saturday, Nov 17, 2018 , Draw #21322
Married Woman
Saturday, Nov 17, 2018 , Draw #21321
Saturday, Nov 17, 2018 , Draw #21320
Saturday, Nov 17, 2018 , Draw #21319
John Crow
Saturday, Nov 17, 2018 , Draw #21318
Married Woman
Saturday, Nov 17, 2018 , Draw #21317

Supreme Ventures Jamaica latest results are published instantly after the draw result announcement.

Supreme Ventures Cash Pot Past Winning Numbers

List of last 50 draws for Cash Pot:

DateWinning Numbers Game Ball Draw
17 Nov, 201835, GoatMIDAFTERNOON
17 Nov, 20187, Married WomanEVENING
17 Nov, 201835, GoatDRIVETIME
17 Nov, 201825, John CrowMIDDAY
17 Nov, 20187, Married WomanMORNING
17 Nov, 201832, GoldEARLYBIRD
16 Nov, 20188, BellyMORNING
16 Nov, 201834, BabyEARLYBIRD
16 Nov, 20184, EggMIDDAY
16 Nov, 201812, HeadMIDAFTERNOON
16 Nov, 201825, John CrowDRIVETIME
16 Nov, 201816, Young GirlEVENING
15 Nov, 201827, Big FireMIDAFTERNOON
15 Nov, 201810, Small HouseEARLYBIRD
15 Nov, 201826, White ManMORNING
15 Nov, 201821, Bad GirlMIDDAY
15 Nov, 201810, Small HouseEVENING
15 Nov, 201820, Sick PersonDRIVETIME
14 Nov, 201826, White ManMIDDAY
14 Nov, 201825, John CrowDRIVETIME
14 Nov, 201827, Big FireEARLYBIRD
14 Nov, 20188, BellyMORNING
14 Nov, 201825, John CrowEVENING
14 Nov, 201832, GoldMIDAFTERNOON
13 Nov, 20188, BellyEARLYBIRD
13 Nov, 201816, Young GirlMORNING
13 Nov, 20184, EggMIDDAY
13 Nov, 201815, RatMIDAFTERNOON
13 Nov, 201817, Chinese ManDRIVETIME
13 Nov, 201819, Silver MoneyEVENING
12 Nov, 20181, DuppyDRIVETIME
12 Nov, 201826, White ManMIDAFTERNOON
12 Nov, 201827, Big FireMIDDAY
12 Nov, 201829, ParsonMORNING
12 Nov, 20188, BellyEARLYBIRD
12 Nov, 20185, ThiefEVENING
11 Nov, 20188, BellyMORNING
11 Nov, 201812, HeadMIDAFTERNOON
11 Nov, 20187, Married WomanEVENING
11 Nov, 201815, RatDRIVETIME
11 Nov, 201824, Fresh WaterMIDDAY
11 Nov, 201815, RatEARLYBIRD
10 Nov, 201825, John CrowDRIVETIME
10 Nov, 201813, PoliceEVENING
10 Nov, 20183, DeadEARLYBIRD
10 Nov, 201811, DogMORNING
10 Nov, 201816, Young GirlMIDDAY
10 Nov, 201821, Bad GirlMIDAFTERNOON
09 Nov, 201835, GoatEARLYBIRD
09 Nov, 201826, White ManMORNING

Supreme Venturas Cash Pot Numbers and Meaning

The list of winning numbers and their major and menor meanings:

Major Meaning: Ice, Grey Hair, Rice, Kiss a Dead Cow, Bench, White Cloth, Needle, Fright, Dead hair, Milk, Eye, Anything White, Shore, Fat Cow, Golden Ring, Still Birth, Walking, Beggar Man, Big Fish, Smoke
Menor Meaning: Sand, Teeth, Buildings, A lot of Cocks, Bamboo, Cross, Cucumber, Bench, Dark & Obscure, Defense, Drapery, Driver, Horse, Jam, Lawyer, Stick, Kiss a Dead Person
Major Meaning: Candles, Paper, Homosexual, Tank or House Bottom, Throne, Mattress, Stove, Bottom, Cigarette, Bulb, Crab, Lobster, Cray Fish, Abused Woman, Daughter, Deceitful Love, Falling Tree
Menor Meaning: Disappointment, Hiding, Bicycle, eagle, Wire, Cabbage, Grapefruit, Shotgun, Black Horse, Tongue
Major Meaning: Leave your house, Garlic, Broom, Tongue, Duck, Wreath, Memory Loss, Enemy, Distant Person (Location), Bride, Small Comb, Frog, Baker, Bald head, Broken arms, Counting, To show pride
Menor Meaning: Hot Water, Waterfall, Butter, Hair, Concert, Cucumber, Dog, Driving Car, Earrings, Covered Field, Dire, Grocery Store, Ice-Cream, Sculptor, Shoes
Major Meaning: Blood, Chicken Coop, Red Wine, Nourishment, Sex, Cake (wedding), Kissing, Hugging, Anus, Small Amount of Gold, Knee, Neglected or Unrequited Love, Sweeties, Tonic
Menor Meaning: Blind Man, Cancle Light, Flight in a Crowd, Fire, New Hat, Ripe Pear, Many Plates, Teenager, Full Wallet, Many Good Looking Women, Admire
Major Meaning: Dirt, Actor, Spider, Step-brother, Prayer, Heaven, Roughness, Small Bible, Drop Pan, Gift, Chinese Monk, Plot, Morning Rainbow, Small Stream
Menor Meaning: To Kill Bees, To Break Something, Cemetery, Church, Nice Clothes, Playing with a Dog, Earth, Handsome
Major Meaning: Iron, Stone, Lion, Bundle of Iron, Copper, Gunshot, Fighting Stone, Erect Penis, Tomb, Bone, Anything Strong, Corpse, To witness something, Short Gun, Bullet
Menor Meaning: Heat, Hot Engine Adopting, Long Beard, Calabash, Carrots, Chocolate, Coffee, Flower, Beggar Man, Royalty, Sick Heart, Spider, Small Fire, Water, Abandon or Leave something
Major Meaning: Admire, Widow, Handsome, Woman (general), Hog, heaven, Perfection, Sweet (personality), Blessings, Bench
Menor Meaning: Grave Digger, Bakery, Blind Man, Candles, To Eat from a Chamber Pot, To See Excrement, Fire, Friendship, Hair, Lawyer, Nail, Needle, Stockings, To be accused, Speaking Animals
Major Meaning: Red Cow, Fat Woman, Pumpkin, Well, hole, Bread, Raw food, Bed, Pocket, Grave, Coconut, Hamper, Hot, Glass, Calabash, Matches, Pregnant, Pot
Menor Meaning: Long Beard, To have a Car Broken Down, A lot of Death, Sweets, Diamon, To fall from an Airplane, Anything Round, To witness an Accident
Major Meaning: Twins, Married Man, Eleplant, Truck, Old Dead, Coming From Foreign, Meeting people, Fisherman, Widow
Menor Meaning: Old Man, Beggar Man, Small Home, Birth of Twins, Fisherman, Handsome, Help, Knife, Torn Shoes, Admire, Truck
Major Meaning: Baby's Crib, Small Bed, Small Car, Kitchen, Anything Small, Ball, Pulpit, Thank You, Boat, Fowl Coop, Gift
Menor Meaning: Shoes, Fight in a Crowd, Healthy Body, Small Hill, Knee, Paper Money
Major Meaning: Boy, Green Ganja or Bushes, Betting Shop, Ocean, Two legs in Bed, A lof of Cocks, Playing with a Dog, Delivery in Pregnancy, Falling Leaves
Menor Meaning: PulPit, Small Stream, Bamboo Banana, Soursop, Bench, Grocery Store, Hair, Hat, Pot
Major Meaning: Crown, Braind, house Top, Principal, Official Person, Carpenter, Hat, Barbar, Con Man, Teacher, Ginal, Crows
Menor Meaning: Horse, Anything Tall, Pregnant Woman, Star
Major Meaning: Left Hand, Knife, Scissors, Right Hears, Shoemaker, Old Man, Teeth
Menor Meaning: Black Man, Big Comb, Black Woman, Cemetery, Children, Chopstick, Elephant, Leaves Falling, Golden Ring, Still Birth, Steel or Metal
Major Meaning: Bush, Friend, Preaching, Wild Cat, Noise, Dried Bushes, Tame Cat, Furniture, Mourn, Signing, Counting, Undertaker, Dead Boy
Menor Meaning: Batteries, To Give Away, Bees, Cabbage, Dead Body, Earring, Friend, Knee, Mourning, Mouth, Fallen Tree
Major Meaning: Weakness, Left Foot, Accident, chines Woman, Running, Queem, Dancing, Swimming, Anything Weak, Windian Woman, Left Foot, Beaggar Man, Anything Light, Racing
Menor Meaning: Army, Beer, To Eat From Chamber Pot, Children, Dentist, Dog, Fire, Kiss, To Have Lunch, Many Plates, Spoon
Major Meaning: Green Fruit, Grass, Anything Nice, Rainbow, Youth, Bunch of Flowers, Handsome, Ganja, Anything Green, Bees
Menor Meaning: Ring, Beer, Bathe (In Troubled Waters), Chair, Coffin, Fight, Killing Animals, Slaughter House, East, Shoes
Major Meaning: Business Man, Old Dead, Gambler, Heaven, Rainfall, Running water from the Hills, Language, Nose, Batteries, Birth of Twins
Menor Meaning: Bus, Fever, Jam, Leave Your House, Needle, Right Foot, Pain, Wicked Woman, Big Fire
Major Meaning: Doctor, Doctor Bird, Doctor Fish, Dentist, Wild Cat, Carpenter, Mongoose, Tame Duck, Bees in your house, Meager Cow, Construction, Trade Man
Menor Meaning: Lawyer, Church, Corpse, Red Cow, Ship, Torn Shoes, Wood
Major Meaning: Silver, Feather, Deceitful Love, Pretty Woman, Ring, Coolie Man, Lovely Dress, Anything Lovely, Money, Hair, To be breast-fed, Handcuff, Coin, Money
Menor Meaning: Fish, Scale, Artist, Painter, Bathe in troubled waters, To build, Dessert, Plenty eggs, Deceitful, Neglected or Unrequited Love, Wicked Woman, Honey
Major Meaning: White Hair, Pregnant, Naked Woman, Raw Meat, Cook Food, Insect, Disgrace, Nakedness, Insane, Bakery, Sick, Naked Person
Menor Meaning: Bread, Bible, A lof of Chickens, Hat, Jam, Pregnant Woman, Step-father
Major Meaning: Mule, Anything Bad, Devil, Whore, Bad Man, Bird, Spy, Party, Birth of a Girl, Actor, Miscarriage, Birth of Fish, Obeahman
Menor Meaning: Baking, Wedding, Ice-Cream, Banana, Full Bottle, Cabbage, A lof of Children, Dead Children, Coffin, Dog, Driving Car, Get Something, Hair, Pencil, Scissors, Shouting, Big Snake, Fruitful Tree, Full Wallet
Major Meaning: Pain, Nurse, Salt Water, Medicine, Coffin, Casket, Sea, Red Ants, easy Labour or Birth, Cancer, Dominoes, Gray, A lof of Ducks, To Share, Higgler, Star
Menor Meaning: Muddy Waters, Bees, Anything Dirty, Agony, Chicken Coop, Diamon, Friend, To have lunch, Many Good-looking Men, Nail, Pigs, Speaking Animals
Major Meaning: Good Looking Men, Animals, Monkey, Black Woman, Ugliness, Greed (Eating), Sailor, Jockey, Obeahman, Soldier, Fireman, To be with Grand Parents, Shared Love, Ugly Animals, Children
Menor Meaning: Birth of a cat or rat, Buildings, Chair, Cheque, To Move out of a House, Falling Leaves
Major Meaning: Medicine, Lamb, Praising God, Flying, Bank, Picture, Teaa, Jockey, Aeroplane, Kite
Menor Meaning: Light, Wedding, Appetite, Camera, Carpenter, Black Cow, Hat, Kitchen, Green Pear
Major Meaning: Crowd, Fallen Tree, Big Crowd, Paper Money, Old clothes, Jonkunu, Anything Black, Castle, Christmas, Red Crow, Picking Up
Menor Meaning: Indoors, Stranger, Toothbrush, Watering Flowers/Vegetables, Wedding Band, Worthless
Major Meaning: Black Horse, Officials, Chief, King, Nurse, God, Police Inspector, Heads of State, Presidents, Dog, Good Business
Menor Meaning: Big Boy, Castle, Doctor, Wood, Almond Nut
Major Meaning: Mad Person, Bullet, Fire, Flood, Low Spirits, Shotgun, Explosions, Violent Person, Blind Eye, Blind Man, Wasp, Fighting, Beens on Your Body, Devil
Menor Meaning: Funeral, Priest, Accident, Bakery, Full Bottle, Good Business, Powder, Coffee, Get Something, To Say Goodbye, Evening Rainbow, Anything Watery, American, Anything Helpless
Major Meaning: Adultery, Spirit, Country, Burial, Road, Small Property (pasture), Round Neck, Burying Something, Football Field
Menor Meaning: Hope False, Prophet, Tie, Dog, Dominoes, Fever, To Move out of a house, Ram Goat, Sick heart, River
Major Meaning: Eagle, Butcher, Right Foot, Pastor, Bull Cow, Hill Top Climbing, Bull Dog, Bull Frog, Travelling in an Aeroplane, Ram Goat
Menor Meaning: Donkey, Chicken, Sweeping, Anything Big, To Borrow, Judge, Committing Murder, Seasoning, Donkey
Major Meaning: White Rum, Muddy Water, Bloody Water, Healthy Body, Dirty Water, Dish, Flowers
Menor Meaning: Music, To Break Something, Playing with a dog, Ambulance with a Sick Person, Wicked Woman
Major Meaning: Long Stick, Bone, Wood, Snake, Rope, Penis, Long Gun, Cord, Anything Long, Fishing Line, Long Gown, Wire, Gold Chain
Menor Meaning: Beer, Bee Sting, Black Cat, Nice Clothes, Meager Cow, Dog Barking, Cocky, New Hat, Killing Animals, Disaster
Major Meaning: Red Rum, Honey, Anytihng Ripe, Faeces, Ripe Fruit, Dried Corn, Cake, Sweeping, Gold Teeth, To Be Joyful
Menor Meaning: Bald Head, Miscarriage or Birth, To build, England, Corpse, Daybreak, Kiss a Dead Persoon, Shrimp, School
Major Meaning: Church, God, Stadium, Boat, Big Property, Very Large Person, Truck, Hospital, Anything Big, Deportation, Rich Apartment, Hospital, Angel
Menor Meaning: Athlete, To see and hear a car, Foggy, obscure, Two people, Advice, Labour in Pregnancy, Mahogany Wood
Major Meaning: Birth of a Girl, Chicken, Riot, Young Chicken/Bird, Official Person, Lightening
Menor Meaning: Anytihng Young, Stockings, Adoption
Major Meaning: Oven, Shopping, Vagina, Bible, Taking something from someone (Not Stealing), Event (Football Match)
Menor Meaning: Rough Sea, To go Shopping
Major Meaning: Donkey, Abscess, Ride Horses, Pick up money, Dry Wood, Finish Away with Stranger, Asking Pitifully, Old Building, School of Fish, Bat Tooth, Harbour, Smoking Pipe, Widow, Foreign
Menor Meaning: To Remove Bee Hive

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How To Play Cash Pot

Play Cash Pot for a quick win without too much hassle. Choose your lucky number(s) from 1 to 36 with a minimum bet of $10. Players win $260 for every $10 wager, or 26 times the amount wagered. Draws take place six times per day at 8:30 am, 10:30 a.m., 1 pm, 3 pm 5 pm and 8:25 pm seven days a week except for Christmas Day and Good Friday. Players win when the number they wagered on matches the randomly selected number chosen during the live draw.

Cash Pot Mega Ball
For every $10 wager on the Cash Pot base game, players have the option on spending an additional $10 minimum up to equal their base wager (increments of $10) to participate in the Mega Ball feature. The Mega Ball gives players a chance to win the normal prize payout ($260 for every $10 bet) PLUS the Mega Ball payout $700 for every $10 bet.

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