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Ministry of Transport and Mining
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16 September, 2020
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Head - Human Resource Management and Administration

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H ead - Human Resource Management and Administration (One (1) year Contract) $3,968,000 per annum and travelling of $1,697,148 per annum and any other allowance(s) attached to the post.

Job Purpose

To provide strategic leadership and oversight of the Human Resource Management and Administration Division of the Island Traffic Authority (ITA) ensuring compliance with all legislation and regulations governing the functional areas of responsibility. This includes, developing and implementing policies that support the achievement of the ITA’s Strategic Objectives, and ensuring that all Divisions within the ITA are provided with effective and efficient corporate services. In addition, the incumbent is responsible for planning, directing, coordinating and monitoring the activities of the Human Resource Management and Administration Division in order to ensure that objectives and targets are met.

K e y Responsibilities

  • To provide expert policy advice.
  •  Provide strategic leadership and direction towards the coordinated development of

    Human Resource Management and Administration;

     Oversees the development and implementation of modernized corporate policies and services and ensures that they remain responsive to the changing needs and

    requirements of the ITA;

     Provides policy interpretation and technical advice to the Director General and Unit Heads to ensure effective co-ordination of the ITA’s functions, and compliance with government rules and regulations;

     Initiates innovation or changes in internal management practices, systems and policies with a view to improving efficiency and reducing costs;

     Disseminates information to staff regarding changes in policies, procedures and other matters to ensure that high levels of compliance are maintained;

     Prepares Corporate and Operational Plan/Budget for the Human Resource Management and Administration Division.

  • To co-ordinate the development and implementation of a comprehensive human resource strategy within the ITA in order to facilitate the achievement of the corporate objectives.
  •  Assists with the development of the organizational structure for the new ITA;

     Assists with the transition and change management processes;

     Develops and implements the Human Resource Management and

    Development Policies and Procedures Manual;

     Develops and implements the Training Policy;

     Co-ordinates the development and implementation of a comprehensive human resource strategy to support the recruitment, retention, welfare, training, development and performance assessment of staff, within the guidelines of the Government’s human resources policy and as stipulated in the approved Human Resource Policy and Procedures Manual;

     Oversees the implementation of training and development programmes for staff thereby ensuring that a skilled workforce is provided and the strategic objectives of the ITA are


     Guides the restructuring of Divisions, Branches and Units to meet the changing requirements of the corporate objectives and strategies as identified in the Corporate Planning process;

     Provides consultation to senior management in the re-design of key positions to ensure that their contributions to the overall plans are optimized;

     Co-ordinates the implementation of organizational changes and modernization

    measures necessary to strengthen the ITA’s ability to fulfil its responsibilities;

     Implements the requisite policies and procedures to guide the management of disciplinary and grievance matters.

  • To oversee the provision of Information Technology Systems to transform and modernise the operations of the ITA.
  •  Ensures the development and implementation of an information systems strategy for the


     Promotes the use of information technology as an agent to transform and modernize the

    ITA’s operations and strategies;

     Ensures the design and development of new enabling technologies to support key initiatives that cut across the ITA.

  • To co-ordinate the records management function of the ITA in order to ensure that reliable and accurate information is provided to support the decision-making process and for the general public in keeping with best practices in records management.
  •  Oversees the provision of public access to records/information in keeping with the legislative requirements such as the Access to Information Act;

     Participates in the development/establishment of appropriate policies, standards and general procedures relating to the review, appraisal, retention, tracking and retrieval of

    records, disposal, storage, maintenance and other aspects of records management;

     Assists in the establishment of a performance measurement mechanism for the Records

    Management System to identify whether or not the information is being managed efficiently and demonstrate value for money.

  • To oversee the provision/development of timely and cost-effective public relations and communication strategies for the ITA.
  •  Oversees the provision of an effective public relations programme for the ITA;

     Ensures that appropriate communication and knowledge management systems are in place to facilitate the dissemination of accurate and timely information within the ITA and

    to the media/general public;

     Ensures the provision of leadership and guidance to all Units and Departments within the ITA on communications and public affairs matters.

  • To lead and manage the Property and Administration Branch in the achievement of the strategic objectives that supports the efficient and effective operation of the ITA.
  •  Monitors the development and implementation of emergency procedures for the protection of staff members and property throughout the ITA;

     Ensures that safety and health standards are maintained by recommending equipment and safety measures to be pursued by staff;

     Ensures the provision of efficient and cost effective transportation of documents and

    staff on the ITA’s business.

     Conducts reviews of security systems and procedures and ensures security personnel are in place for the protection of staff and property during and after working hours.

  • Oversees the management of assets and inventory & the procurement of goods and services
  •  Co-ordinates all asset and facilities related matters for the ITA to ensure the centralization of fixed assets information for effective monitoring and control.

     Conducts reviews of the inventory system to ensure effective usage, control and monitoring of inventory items, which include office supplies, furniture and equipment.

     Directs the preparation of the ITA Quarterly Contracts Awards (MQCA) Reports.

     Ensures that submissions to the Procurement Committee conform to the approved policies and procedures, and advises the Director General of the decisions of the Committee.

  • Human Resource Responsibilities
    • Develops and manages the performance of the Division and its staff, including transferring skills, motivating staff, setting performance targets, monitoring performance, providing feedback to staff and arranging for training.
    • Develops and implements a succession planning programme to ensure continuity of skills and competencies in the ITA and personal development and career advancement

    of employees.

    • Provides guidance to subordinates through coaching, mentoring, training and providing assistance and support as needed.
    • Ensures that training and other needs of employees are adequately identified and


    R equired Knowledge, Skills and Competencies

    T echnical

     Sound knowledge of GOJ’s Human Resource Management and Development Framework

    and Regulations

     Sound knowledge of the Public Procurement Regulatory Framework

     Sound knowledge of Government Administration and Financial Accounting

     Sound knowledge of the strategic planning process

     Sound knowledge of the ITA’s policies and procedures

     Sound knowledge of Industrial Relations practices

     Excellent people management skills

     Sound knowledge of the ICT applications in business functions

     Good strategic management skills

     Excellent employee relations skills

    C ore Competencies

     Excellent leadership skills

     Sound decision making skills

     Excellent problem solving skills

     Excellent oral and written communication skills

     Integrity/ethics

     Sound negotiation skills

     Emotional intelligence

     Sound planning and organizing skills

    Mi n i mum Required Qualification and Experience

     Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management, Business Administration with a focus on Human Resource Management or equivalent qualifications

     At least ten (10) years’ experience at the senior management level

    S pecial Conditions associated with the Job

     Normal office environment

     Island-wide travel will be required

    Applications accompanied by Résumés should be submitted no later than Tuesday, 22 nd S eptember, 2020 to:

    D i rector, Corporate Services

    Mi n i stry of Transport and Mining

    138h Maxfield Avenue

    K i ngston 10

    E mail: h

    P l ease note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted .

    Valid Till
    22 Sep, 2020

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