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After 16 yrs as a dedicated customer I was treated poorly and disrespected
Purchased a washer which was no good. After reporting it I learnt same washers were removed from market a week after my purchase, as they were faulty, yet still they refuse to change mine after multiple reports from Sav to Kingston. I’m so disappointed as I had always been a satisfied customer all these yrs. Over a year later I am still waiting, still no response from over 30 reports made. The machine is just sitting in my washroom for show smh.
I need my refund
I stopped at your Christiana branch to buy a chair and got the wrong chair. You guys have one chair on display and a price on it but when people think they are purchasing what is on display you get a totally different thing. Now I didn't check the chair because I was in a hurry and I expect to get what I asked the rep for. Now I live in Kingston and I went to the branch at boulevard shopping center and I can't get a refund they are advising me to go back to the branch in Christiana. So I'm suppose to travel back to Christiana for one chair. I haven't used the chair and I don't want it. This was my first time shopping with you guys and I will never shop again. Worst thing I've ever done
Terrible delivery service
Terrible delivery service. Probably the worst in Jamaica. Unreliable and slow. No one cam be held accountable for nothing. Everyone doesn't know..
Bad customer service
I went to the branch in savanna- la mar Westmoreland to conduct business. I had opened an account with Dwayne a sales rep who was absolutely beautiful, he had a very pleasant demeanor, he took the time out to explain. He displayed exceptional customer service.
However, when I went back he was on vacation and I came in contact with Waydia she was absolutely RUDE! She had no respect, she was on her cellphone constantly, her attention span was very limited. Overall, she did not have the attitude for work. And there was no one there to correct her.
I had a terrible experience with her.