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Bad service
Internet goes out more than 10 times per day and when you call nobody seem to care to assist and they still want you to pay each month this is the worst internet ever my advice if you're planing to get it don't or you will be the next one doing this review
Unprofessional Customer service representative over the phone and in the local office montego bay.
I made my payment 7 days before it was due now I'm being told my service was disconnected due to non payment my payment receipt number is
202004210017000021 and a payment of 2800 was done. The CSR lady who was once a rasta she has no customer service and she tells lies. Its a good thing I had proof or she would have over charged my acct. How can an account number be the phone number!! Get better service an a liable website where customers can get better service. I would have abandon your service long ago if it wasn't for my parents.
WORST company I EVER encountered!! Please, Please -- boycott this company - leave FLOW to go to this company and I've faced the greatest disappointment in my life. Guess this sums up 'stick to the evil that you know.' Customers whenever a company's service delivery is poor -- we should boycott them --- plain and simple- this is the ONLY way that we can stop the bleeding. Leave then do no business with them. Cornwall Communication, you sucks
. DICONNECTING service after bill paid 2mths in ADVANCE!!!
It the worst service. Taking ppls money disconnecting for mths not reach the world yet even though paid advance !!!!I paid my bill at cornwall comm GOT A RECEIPT SAY NEXT BILL DUE APRIL 2020. WENT AHEAD FURTHER AND PAY APRIL BILL March 18, 2020 ONLY TO SEE "NO PURCHASE THE PROGRAM" It a regular practice. YOUR SERVICE IS HORRIBLE.
Poor in every aspect of business
If a class was to be taught on how not to run a business this company would be a prime example.
Daily internet outage, complaints go unresolved, unanswered or ppl call you asking where you are located, then no one actual shows up.
Being dealing with the same problem since January 2020 and it's now the end of February 2020.
Sitting 5 feet from their modem and has to be using mobile internet on my phone.
What I experienced
This is a poorly run company, there isn't anything positive to write about it. You report a problem on multiple occasion and nothing is done. Entities and people on a whole usually tries to do better, be better than the previous year, not this company. This company seemingly aspires to find creative ways to take retrograde steps, new ways to piss of its customers. How can a service get worse than previous years? If they go backwards any further I would basically be paying them for a smoke signal, this could no longer be classified as Internet.

Horrible service
Their internet is HORRIBLE and when u call customer service all they do is put you on hold and play music in your ears. On the verge of contacting consumer affairs.
Reply by Rual Sams
8 May, 2020
The worst internet ever.. Poor, poor poor. People are paying for a service and not getting their monies worth.. People need to run.. In jamaica we sey u dam tief
Horrible Service Overall
I have been using their cable and internet service for the past 5-7 months. When it reaches near the end of the month the cable begins to lose connection almost every other day. I went to the office in Lucea and explained the issue, they said they'll work on it... All now.
The internet is another story. I paid for 6Mbps connect because they didn't have the 8Mbps at the time (or so they claimed). The first few weeks the service was fine. After about a month the bandwidth became so slow I can't even send WhatsApp Media. Again, I went to the office and expressed my dissatisfaction with the service. They said it's because of congestion in the area and they'll "work on it". That was from about April, it's December now and it hasn't improved no matter how much I complain. I'm not even getting 2Mbps at best. Would not recommend this service. They are honestly worst than Digicel.
Terrible Service
U don't deserve any star, not even half. The service is terrible, no one picks up when u call. U need to get rid of the agents that works at the Mobay branches and hire Customer Service agents, very poor service, would NEVER recommend Cornwall Cable to anyone, not even the dogs. I pay ontime and pay aot of money for the service, it's my day off and I'm home chilling with my kids and the cable went out. I'm switching. I hate Cornwall Service.
Poor Service
IAM in Cambridge down at my Mum & Dad place to a 2 week holiday. Both are in the there mid 70s years old & send a lot of time in the evening watching the TV. And most of the time the service is down. Also I found out the this company had cut the service to them saying that the bill has not be paid. Do I pop down to the shop to gone out that it had been pay off. The an account error had been done by them. As far as I can see this company are now worth keep !!??
Complains complains complains
It is so sad that I can joinThe persons that review and have the same thing to say no Internet service at my home for a month this company is sucks we need competition are you guys need to step up your games and do your job very bad
Excellent services!!!!!!!!!
I have had the services from 2017 and I can count on one hand the amount of times I have had problems; and when I do have outages, their technicians were prompt and effective. Thank you, Cornwall! Waaaaaaay better than FLOW!
Reply by Charlie face
18 Dec, 2019
You are a fucking liar.
Reply by Tammy B
27 Apr, 2020
Charlie Face you neva affi come out so trang!
Poor service from this ridiculous company
This company is just ridiculous. My internet has being out for two weeks and to date they have not sent a technician to come diagnose and fix the problem. I will be filing a complaint to consumer affairs. All disgruntled customers should do the same thing. Here is the link
Reply by Shelly
6 Dec, 2019
I did n nothing happened either all they said was someone complained already when i called them
Crappy service
I don't know if this man mr Sinclair is the owner or the manager of the company but he's the most disrespectful person I have come across it's my first day with this company and it's the most crappy service/customer service ever I would not even recommend a rat to this company worse customer service ever
Customer service
The reps at the Mobay office do not report to technicians whenever a customer called in to report a problem.they keep saying will send a technician yet you will be sitting at home for days and no one shows up. Happens repeatedly.They need to get more serious people to work in the company.
The internet is good at times but gives problem during night times
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Lorna smith
25 May, 2020
When will customers get real service? What you're doing now is crap. Every day almost, the message on the screen is " service not good check signal" isn't that your responsibility. Remember we are paying.
Atanya allen
17 May, 2020
How do i reprogram the code into my remote..and what is the code
Latoya campbell
22 Mar, 2020
How do I change my password?
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