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I rented almost 30k worth of tables and chairs from Clarendon Hireage for an event recently. Rental arrangements and down-payment were taken care of almost 3 months in advance, with final payment 3 days prior to the event. On the day before the event, the business delivered the items, and we noted right away that some of the tables were in a state of disrepair; they had broken edges, edges that destroyed some of the disposable table cloths that I had purchased for the event, and one table could not be opened at all for use. After the event my mother returned to the business for the deposit and at that time explained to the owner, Miss Mar, the state of the tables that were sent to us. Miss Mar responded that she had forgotten that on the same day as our event, she also had to fulfill an order for an annual client that she had forgotten about until the day before. She made the decision at the time to bring back into inventory some items that she knew looked bad in an effort to fulfill both orders. Too bad that we got broken tables, but the alternative would have been to simply cancel our order in favor of her annual client, an alternative that she did consider, so essentially, we were lucky that we got anything at all (my analysis of her statement). In fairness, she did refund the $500 for the table that was completely useless. I however was very unhappy that she did not do more to compensate us for the damaged goods that she knowingly rented to us. Chances of doing business with this company or with this owner again, none, as I was dissatisfied with her product, her comment after the fact, and with her inability to make right on her wrong.
To be honest, the price for the item was ok & they offer delivery services.
The surprising thing was that they discriminate with their delivery service.
They won't make deliveries to where I live and I'm at 6 miles... Can you believe that? Look how close Twickenham Park is to Riverton.
What's even more surprising is that they make deliveries to Mandeville and Portland...
They have to pass 6 Miles to get to Portland.
I even ask if they could stop on Spanish Town Road (Main Road) and I collect the things and the refuse.
Davian W
Decent hotel for a nights stay ,enjoyed the restaurant and club tho
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